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Brickly all started in the 2020 COVID lockdown. With not much to do, and two kids to keep entertained Helen & Aaron Beal found their childhood LEGO and started to build the original sets from a pile of pieces. We had a massive amount of enjoyment and satisfaction when completing a set, or building lists to start hunting for those elusive missing pieces.
Brickly - About - Aaron looking at Lego set
6 year old Aaron looking intently at a new set. 6923 M:Tron Particle Ionizer that he still owns.
Brickly - About - Childhood LEGO Sets - Pirates
Various Lego Pirates from the early 1990's
Brickly - About - Childhood LEGO Sets - Technic
8443 Lego Technic set from 1996
Brickly - About - Childhood LEGO Sets - Various City/System
Various Lego sets from the early 1990's
Brickly - About - Used Lego sorting Minifigures
Lego Minifigures sorted into part type

The light bulb moment of turning this into a business then happened. Why not make a business from something you love doing? With lockdown over we set about finding LEGO bulk lots people were wanting to sell. Now the fun part! Sorting real LEGO from fake, washing, and then sorting into colours and type was quite therapeutic, but time consuming! We find the sets, make lists of any missing parts and bag up any that are ready to be sold on our website. We use paper bags for our pre-owned sets and Minifigures to try cut out as much plastic as possible.

With our love for LEGO now reinstated we started to buy new sets to open and build, and some to collect. Helen is a big fan of the LEGO Modular series of buildings and the LEGO Winter Village series. While Aaron still has a place in his heart for Pirates and Castle that he grow up with. He has a goal to collect all LEGO Pirate sets from 1989.

Having only just started to collect again, we missed out on a few sets that are now retired and hard to find locally. It’s our aim to begin sourcing a few retired LEGO sets to fill our collections and assist others with theirs. We’ll be starting with sourcing retired LEGO Brickheadz and LEGO Minifigures from past series. As these will be quite limited make sure you follow us on our Facebook page as we will notify our followers when new stock arrives.

Brickly is owned and operated by Helen & Aaron Beal, we’re located in Ashburton, just south of Christchurch, NZ. If you have any questions, product requests or want to have a chat about bricks you can send us a message on the contact page, use our Live Chat tool found on most website pages or find us on Facebook.

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